About Dicetopia.app

Dicetopia.app is a fan-made tool by Lars Fotland for anyone playing the wonderful board game Dicetopia. Dicetopia was designed by Tobias Hall and published by All Or None Games. This website and its creator are in no way affiliated with the designer or publisher, but the creator encourages the user to check out All Or None Games' website and products.

Why Dicetopia.app?

Setting up a game of Dicetopia can be quite time-consuming compared to the time it takes to play a full game. In our group, we usually assigned one player the task to draw dice and distribute them randomly on the game board. We found it to be a mess if everyone drew dice from the bag and placed them at the same time. With Dicetopia.app we simply place the phone in the middle of the table, and all players may help out placing the dice. No drawing, no rolling. With the tool Dicetopia.app we get to play more games in less time.

Dicetopia.app supports the expansion Roll with the Punches. When playing without expansions, simply ignore the Wasteland and Blood Dome when setting up the game.
Have fun!

Credits: website by fot.land
game design by Tobias Hall
board art by Anthony Cournoyer
favicon created by Sjeng
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